2 Story 14 foot escape ladder

Be prepared for an emergency with the First Alert EL52-2 Two-Story
Folding Home Fire-Escape Ladder. Exceptionally strong and durable, this
ladder can be easily folded for storage near a window or under a bed for
immediate access in case of a fire. House fires can be deadly, but the
EL52-2 helps protect you and your family by providing a safe, reliable
means of escape.

EL52-2 Fire Escape Ladder
At a Glance:

  • Designed for use in a two-story home
  • Features strong nylon and steel construction
  • Fits windows at least 20-inches (51 cm) wide and 32-inches (81 cm) high
  • Steel stabilizers on each slip-resistant, epoxy-coated rung
  • Can be easily folded for storage under a bed or near a window
Strong enough to help both children
and adults quickly exit to safety.

Escape from a Dangerous House Fire with This Strong, Durable Ladder
is a serious threat to every household; it can strike anywhere, any
time. The frightening truth is that in 2005, there were nearly 381,000
home fires in the U.S., resulting in over 16,000 casualties. Because of
the very real threat of fire, it is vital that every household uses
tools for fire protection. When used in conjunction with smoke alarms
and fire extinguishers, and as part of an overall fire-escape plan, the
EL52-2 is an effective last-resort tool to help you and your family
safely exit a dangerous situation.


Tough Nylon/Steel Construction, Anti-Slip Rungs, and Secure Hooks
durable, this ladder is tested to American Society for Testing and
Materials (ASTM) standards. Featuring strong nylon/steel construction
and measuring 14-feet in length, the EL52-2 provides a dependable means
of escape through a second-floor window during a home fire.

ladder is easy to set up and is strong enough to help both children and
adults quickly exit to safety. It arrives fully assembled and ready to
use in one minute. Extra-wide hooks secure the ladder to any windowsill
measuring at least 20-inches (51 centimeters) wide and 32-inches (81
centimeters) high with a sill width between a minimum of 6-inches (15
centimeters) and a maximum of 13-inches (33 centimeters).

ladder’s slip-resistant, epoxy-coated rungs provide sure footing, and
steel stabilizers on each rung help keep your feet steady and balanced,
preventing the rungs from swaying as you step on or off of them. For
added stability, DuPont Cordura nylon strapping lends extra strength and
durability, while steel construction tested to 1,125 pounds means this
ladder holds up to 375 pounds at a time.

The EL52-2 comes with a six-year limited warranty.

What’s in the Box
Folding 14-foot fire-escape ladder and manual.

Folds up for compact storage.
Comes completely assembled.



Product Description

FIRST ALERT FIRE ESCAPE LADDER *14′ long ladder, 2 story *Dupont
cordura nylon straps for maximum strength *Complies to ASTM standards
*Slip resistant rungs and rung stabilizes *Strong steel construction
tested to 1,125 lbs. *(350 lbs. per step) *6 year warranty



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