Louisville Home Inspector reveals why you need a home inspection even if one was already performed I am often asked if a home inspection should be performed even if one has already been done by a previous buyer where the deal fell through or if done by a relocation company. On the inspection in the video an inspection had been done about a week before my inspection and I was asked the question, I explained that in my opinion you just don’t know who it was that protecting you or how much effort they put into the inspection. As a side note many of the relocation inspectors are way under paid, so [Read more…]

Louisville Home Inspector reveals why it’s so important to walk on roofs Louisville home inspector reveals issues that could only be found while walking on a roof. Home inspectors are NOT required to walk on roofs so many choose not to.The good news is that at Elite Home Inspections I walk every roof I can to protect buyers from those issues not visible from the ground. Call today and let me offer you that kind of protection. 502-648-9294

Home Inspector in Louisville reveals subtle deterioration due to moisture

Louisville Home Inspector says $195 inspector didn’t enter crawl space, I did !

Louisville Home Inspector finds gas meter installed by Billy Bob

Louisville Home Inspector- Finds a Water Heater that is truly a train wreck !

Louisville Home Inspector

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