Louisville Home Inspector reveals why you need a home inspection even if one was already performed

http://www.elitehomeinspections.net I am often asked if a home inspection should be performed even if one has already been done by a previous buyer where the deal fell through or if done by a relocation company. On the inspection in the video an inspection had been done about a week before my inspection and I was asked the question, I explained that in my opinion you just don’t know who it was that protecting you or how much effort they put into the inspection. As a side note many of the relocation inspectors are way under paid, so often the newer inspectors or the inspectors who need the business do them. I really wouldn’t want an inspector who is starving to do my inspection. Anyway watch the video, my client was smiling know she made the right choice in getting an inspection. Protecting clients everyday in the Louisville, Ky. and Southern Indiana area from unexpected post closing cost. 502-648-9294 http://www.elitehomeinspections.net

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