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Four Easy Cheats for DIY

Did you ever watch a home improvement show team transform a drab room into something spectacular using a shoestring budget and less time than it takes you to clean out your closet? Ever wonder how they did it? Here's the secret: they cheat. And you can too. You would probably never consider taking shortcuts in other aspects of your life, from car maintenance to paying your taxes. But when it comes to do-it-yourself home improvement and decorating projects, there's no … {Continue reading}

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Five Tips To Saving Money

As winter approaches and the outdoor temperature drops, energy consumption is on the rise. Homeowners can implement these five tips to help reduce their home's energy use and costs, yet maintain a warm and comfortable indoor environment, this winter. Energy audit If you want to reduce your home's energy costs, a home energy assessment or audit is a good place to start. While many homeowners can observe obvious air leaks on their own, a professional energy auditor … {Continue reading}

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Worried about an older relative’s driving ?

When families are gathered together this holiday season, you may start to notice changes in an older relative's driving behaviors and begin to have some concerns. You are not alone. With the number of drivers 70 and older increasing - and one in five Americans caring for an older loved one - the number of adults dealing with concerns about their older relative's driving abilities is on the rise and many are unsure on how to address their concerns. Resist the temptation … {Continue reading}

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How to find the right gift for the hard-to-please teen

Finding the perfect gift for teenagers can be a notoriously difficult task. Their likes and dislikes can often change within seconds based on the latest trends and fads. So how can you please even the most challenging-to-shop-for teen? Gift cards and cash work, but are also very impersonal. Here are a few gift ideas to satisfy even the pickiest teen. Clothing Face it, as much as you'd like to be on top of the hot styles that teens are wearing, you're probably … {Continue reading}

Winter habitats for the winged visitors

As temperatures fall and nature's food supply dwindles across the country, some birds will migrate to more hospitable areas while others will stay and tough it out. Regardless of where you live, the bird populations present in your area this winter could use your assistance. Attract and welcome these feathered friends to your backyard with a bird-friendly habitat. Creating a habitat is simple, and can be done without a full re-landscaping or owning a 20-acre farm. All … {Continue reading}


After the storm: dealing with exterior mold and mildew

After the winds have subsided, the rain has stopped and flood waters have receded, many homeowners find themselves facing the real challenge of a hurricane or … [Continue reading]


What to do if you get stopped for speeding

Every day, thousands of speeding tickets are issued to motorists on our nation's roads and highways. According to various sources, an estimated 40 million speeding tickets are issued each year (one for every … [Continue reading..]

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